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Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association

Arkansas Chiropractic Physicians Association (ACPS) is an organization worthy of your membership. The society endeavors to provide a forum in which the individual doctor can express his or her views in order to advance the development of chiropractic in Arkansas. We offer the very best in continuing education opportunities, which include first class speakers and subjects that are not only interesting, but will enrich and promote the individual practitioner. ACS tailors all of its seminars to meet the needs and convenience of the doctor and at the most reasonable cost possible.

Arkansas Chiropractic Association

The Arkansas Chiropractic Association stands for unity. The ACA is a "big tent" organization in which chiropractors of all philosophical persuasions are welcomed as equals.

We stand to preserve the status of the D.C. as physician, protecting and updating the current board scope of chiropractic practice and maintaining the independence and autonomy of the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

Mississippi Chiropractic Association

Welcome from the Mississippi Chiropractic Association. Our association is dedicated to promoting the chiropractic profession in the state of Mississippi and to the protection of the public by working with the Mississippi State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Our collective efforts ensure that only those graduates of highest standards are granted licenses to practice in the state.

Tennessee Chiropractic Association

We would like to welcome you to the Tennessee Chiropractic Association! The TCA is a dynamic advocate for chiropractic - driven to support all of Tennessee's licensed physicians, their practices, and the patients they represent. As an association, the TCA works toward equal recognition and participation for chiropractic in government health care programs, in private insurance plans, and in all other health care arenas which impact the delivery of health care to the people of Tennessee. Please take a look around our website to learn more about chiropractic, the TCA, and how chiropractic can help you and your family.